Everyone is born equal. We all have unlimited potential. Inside each one of us is greatness. Within us all is latent genius.

I believe deep down we are all aware of where our genius lies. Sometimes we can be afraid to face it. And in certain moments, some lengthy, we can become detached, getting lost and disconnected from what we are born to do.

And if we aren’t fully aware of our own genius, if we don’t embody and own it – the world will never know it.

I’ve always been extremely lucky to never stray too far from my inner fire. No matter where I’ve travelled in life, my inner compass is still known to me. I’m a passionate human. Inspiration abounds in my daily life, very much to excess. I can’t be any different to you or anyone else. We are all cut from the same cloth. We are all fuelled by the same fires. We all know that inherently.

Its just our life experience and conditioning, along with our own unique expression and abilities that sets us on our own paths. And its our individual expression that is our life’s purpose to gift to the world.

It doesn’t matter if you feel you have a magnus opus to write. An incredible artistry to master. A huge legacy to leave behind which will make the world a better place. Its irrelevant how far you feel removed from that destination. Its the passion we find in each moment, the joy we can bring to each small step we take on the path to discovering what our life’s work is going to be that counts.

And what elicits that passion? What creates that joy and lights our fire transforming the mundane moments of our daily lives into magic, which lights the way to us discovering the framework of our bigger picture?

Its owning our genius. Its claiming our greatness and saying to the world – these are my gifts. I’m going to show up, give a fuck about what I’m sharing with you, and make an impact with what I’m giving. No matter how small or insignificant we perceive that impact to be.

Sharing the fires of our creativity inspires others too. Its our duty to each other to embody our genius so others feel they have permission to claim theirs.

And where does our genius lie dormant? Inside the reasons we started a project, or took on a job. The little things that excite us and light up our insides that beckon us to engage and go the extra mile.

I am truly inspired by helping people discover or reconnect to their passion and inspiration. Nothing gives me greater joy than to fully go the journey with someone and hold space for them to unearth, claim and declare their genius to the world.

If you are ready to take these steps and you realise that you need someone to support you on the journey, I am honoured to offer you a free Explore Your Essence call.

Here we dive deep and reconnect to the core of why you do what you do, who you do it for, and where you want your journey to go.

I let you guide the session, while I steer the ship. Together we unpack your expression in the world so you can walk away clear and more fully embodied in your unique offering to the world.

You walk away owning your genius. Its a free 30-45 minute call that I wont end prematurely. And I am offering it because I love holding space and supporting people to claim their greatness in the world.

Send me a message right now to book a time to take the step.

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