Copy, social media posting and bio support

Communicating your essence for you

Sometimes you just need the job done. Adrian can connect with you directly in consultancy and produce exciting, efficient and effective content. Whether its a social media or email campaign, e-book series, biography or flyer, Adrian’s expertise will create for you an impactful message which communicates the heart and essence of your service directly to your target audience. We focus on giving value and ensuring the journey and destination you take your clients on is laid out clearly so the benefits of what you bring are completely understood and realised in terms of their most lasting impact – in all areas of life. The key here is to explain its value so succinctly, the point of destination the client ends up in after their journey with you is exponentially better than where they started. Meaning the cost of them engagaing your service is minimal in comparison. Single session or package rates available.

Strategy, Copy, Accountability and Support Sessions

Dive deeper into your Essence and take action

Adrian will work side-by-side with you in 30 minute sessions either daily or bi-weekly to implement a tailor-made system which empowers you to take your message to the world. Utilising the comprehensive data collected from the Connect Essence process, we dive deep and follow through to create a realistic step-by-step action plan to achieve results. Working closely and continuously not only creates solid structure that builds momentum to ensure you see your plan through, it also enables us to work together and adjust the course of action if necessary to the methods that guarantee the greatest success. Throughout this process, Adrian will inspire and encourage you to create masterful copy and value for your prospects, making sure you see each article through from idea to composition to connection with an audience. An exciting and tremendous opportunity to gain insights and creative inspiration from someone who’s passion and career is centered in engaging, impactful and transformational communication.

Explore Essence

Uncovering the core of your Idea, Product or Service

After a 30 minute Explore Essence session you will find clarity to your business, idea, or cause. Adrian covers key questions that allow you to align with the core of your business’, or ideas’ central truths. You will not only get tremendous clarity and inspiration from this session, you will walk away with an ENERGISED ESSENCE MISSION STATEMENT for you to keep to remind you about why you are in business and how you intend to impact the world. This for a limited time is a Free Session, an expression of Adrian’s giving and heartfelt effort to serve the Small to Medium Business Community in this difficult time with Covid-19.​

Connect Essence

Connecting/Aligning to the core of your Idea, Product or Service

After the two-part call session of Connect Essence you will find actionable steps to applying your newly realised core truths about your business. In call one Adrian covers your Essence Map, which details areas and avenues of your Business, Idea, Product or Service that are core to its essence. In the second call he takes the redefined message and realisations and puts them into actionable steps for you to carry out to help align you to your message and essence of your business. This is a 2 call x 1 hour session that is $120 for a limited time – an expression of Adrian’s giving and heartfelt effort to serve the Small to Medium Business & Community in this difficult time with Covid-19.

Broadcast Essence

Broadcast Your Essence to the World

After the Broadcast Essence package has been delivered you will see an increase in customer retention, purchases, and even have generated new leads for your business, practice, service, or cause. Adrian takes out 4 days to connect and communicate with your clientele, or generate new business for you no matter the location. This for a limited time is $440 and includes reporting of your business list, and also new leads sheets Adrian will create from doing the Broadcasting/Business development. Businesses use this as a package to relaunch their business development efforts, and can also be used for surveying for you to better understand your target market.
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