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If your inner author is calling but you are experiencing “writer’s block” you need to read this. You are blocking yourself by your own over-thinking and inner judge. Creativity is an endless ocean of inspiration. It’s a bottomless well. Our muse is constantly speaking to us, singing to us, whispering in our ear. But can we get out of the way of ourselves to listen and receive?

If creating writing from your most authentic voice is what you want to achieve then this program is for you. I’ve created 1000’s of pieces of business content, written plays, endless stories and I showed up and wrote 1000 poems straight from my soul over 3 years of consecutive days sharing them all publicly. Some were even ok! 😂

I can help you get out of your own way and free that beautiful, majestic, magnificent inner voice you were born to write from.

It starts with a call. I offer a free 30-45 mins explore call (heads-up – I don’t watch the clock).
In it we’ll discover each other and I’ll help you unpack your inner essence. Together we’ll find out how close that inner voice of yours is from flying free.

From there we can decide if we are a fit to collaborate. And if we are, I’ve got a special introductory code of 15% off for you while I launch this product as part of my services for the very first time in 2021.

If this has touched you – reach out! I can’t wait to meet you and take a journey into the realm of your inner author of authority and set free your creativity.

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