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SF17 Quick Guide: The Encounter

There’s lots of chatter at the moment about The Encounter (which comes to Sydney direct from Broadway) and why it’s such an exciting show – but you’d be forgiven for being a bit confused when it comes to understanding what it’s all about. After all, this isn’t traditional theatre by any means, which is part of what makes it so special.

To make it all a little easier, here’s our quick guide to The Encounter and why you shouldn’t miss it:

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Q&A: Quan from Regurgitator

Brisbane art-rock veterans Regurgitator may not be the first act to come to mind when picking teams for a The Velvet Underground & Nico tribute. But Regurgitator have never met a musical genre they couldn’t lovingly poke a few holes in, or a tongue-in-cheek performance-art stunt they didn’t like the flavour of. We chat with Quan from Regurgitator about their upcoming show at Sydney Festival.

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Discover Sydney in summer with #sydfest

It doesn’t get much better than Sydney in summer. Whether you’re a casual visitor or a long-time resident of our fine city, our iconic venues can still take your breath away: it’s the spectacle of Sydney Opera House, the natural wonders of the Barangaroo precinct and the long balmy nights in Hyde Park. Good thing we’ve got you sorted for food, entertainment and accommodation near all the best Sydney landmarks!

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