Black Diggers on tour

A hit at its world premiere at Sydney Festival 2014, Queensland Theatre Company is hitting the road and taking Black Diggers on tour.

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Kiss & Cry: What are people saying?


One of the most moving shows of Sydney Festival 2015, Kiss & Cry officially opened last night and is already getting some incredible feedback!

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Five things on Jaco van Dormael


Jaco van Dormael is a film director, screenwriter and playwright, known for his intricate and critically acclaimed films. He’s also the man behind #sydfest 2015 performance piece Kiss & Cry, alongside choreographer Michele Anne De Mey.

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Your essential guide to The Artist


The Artist, winner of five Academy Awards ® (including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Score), seven BAFTAS, and three Golden Globes, is coming to the Sydney Festival on 23 & 24 January at the perfectly-suited Sydney Opera House Concert Hall.

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Your Ultimate #sydfest (Long) Weekend: January 23 – 26


Check out just a few highlights from the final weekend of the 2015 Festival.

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