Too lazy to plan your weekend? Don’t worry, we’ve done it for you. Turns out you can pack a lot of Sydney Festival into two days, and we’re only just getting started.


From 10am – Scent of Sydney at Carriageworks

2.30pm – Roller Jam at Meriton Festival Village

4.30pm – House of Mirrors at Meriton Festival Village

6.30pm – The Hair Salon at Meriton Festival Village

8pm – Measure for Measure at Roslyn Packer Theatre, Walsh Bay

11.30pm – Briefs: The Second Coming at Meriton Festival Village


From 10am – The Beach at the Cutaway, Barangaroo Reserve

From 12pm – Soul of Sydney at Meriton Festival Village

6pm – Balabala at Carriageworks

8pm – Cry Jailolo at Carriageworks

Roll out of bed and stroll down to Carriageworks for Scent of Sydney, where you can ask yourself – can you really know a city by the way it smells? After giving your olfactory sense a workout, get your ears around some free music at Meriton Festival Village in Hyde Park, or slide your feet into a pair of skates for Roller Jam, where you can whirl around the Archibald Fountain.

If you can’t be bothered to move just yet, grab a bite to eat before challenging your mind with a walk through House of Mirrors. If it messes up your hair, don’t worry, Bob Downe’s waiting in The Hair Salon with a selection of wigs and songs to keep you amused.

It’s getting to the time of night where you might be seeking some intellectual stimulation – take a stroll down to Roslyn Packer Theatre and see the modern Russian performance of Measure for Measure, as it explores love, government and justice with an incredible cast.

Don’t think the night ends there though! Spend some time with the Briefs boys with their outlandishly fun and funny burlesque to really make it a raucous Saturday night out.

If you can muster the energy for an early morning on Sunday after all that, The Beach at the Cutaway, Barangaroo Reserve is open and the ballpit awaits. Fling yourself in before or after breakfast at Barangaroo. You’ll feel wide awake after that, so get your groove on with Soul of Sydney at Meriton Festival Village from noon, eat, drink and spend some time enjoying the Festival vibe.

Photo by David Fajar

Photo by David Fajar

In the evening, experience something entirely different by stepping into a double bill of powerful contemporary Indonesian dance. Balabala and Cry Jailolo are short dance works featuring performers from a remote community in eastern Indonesia, that’ll have you enthralled. They’re on back to back at Carriageworks, so you can step out of one, grab a drink at the bar and head in for the other.

It couldn’t be easier to spend a weekend with us!