Can you recognise a place from the way it smells? Can you understand emotions with nothing but touch? When you’re faced with your own reflection – who’s really looking back? We invite you to leave your perceptions at the door and dive into sensory deprivation of various kinds with us this Festival.

Put down your iPhone, step away from the computer screen and immerse yourself in our world of sensory delights. Artist Cat Jones is distilling the substance of Sydney into scents, and you can contribute your ideas and stories to Scent of Sydney, forming a one-of-a-kind olfactory portrait of our city.

Or get truly lost with our labyrinth of endless mirrors, magnified and warped, that’ll have you wondering if what you’re seeing is real – and is that actually what you look like, or is it all in your head? House of Mirrors is a stumble through disorienting optical illusions and unexpected reflections – and there’s only one way out.

If you’re looking to truly transport yourself, grab the binaural headphones that come with The Encounter and strap in for an auditory journey to the humid depths of the Amazon rainforest. Renowned actor Richard Katz is part-Foley artist, part-actor, as he uses chip packets to create crackling fires and bottles of water for flowing river currents, taking you on a theatrical and sonic adventure. It’s a must-see (and must-hear) experience.

So maybe you’ve heard, seen and smelled it all – now’s the time for touch. Deafblind artists Heather Lawson and Michelle Stevens want to take you into a world without sight or sound, so you can understand the Deafblind experience. Put on the goggles and headphones, sink into a realm of restricted light and sound, and get ready to try tactile communication in Imagined Touch.

There’s more than one way to experience art, and we’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from. So close your eyes, put your hands over your ears or flare those nostrils and treat your senses to something utterly new with us this summer.