There’s lots of chatter at the moment about The Encounter (which comes to Sydney direct from Broadway) and why it’s such an exciting show – but you’d be forgiven for being a bit confused when it comes to understanding what it’s all about. After all, this isn’t traditional theatre by any means, which is part of what makes it so special.

To make it all a little easier, here’s our quick guide to The Encounter and why you shouldn’t miss it:

What’s it all about?

In one word: sound. In two words: sound and the Amazon (yes, we know that’s technically three words). In a few more words: this is an “binaural adventure”, a theatre of sound that takes you back in time and deep into the steamy depths of the Amazon.

Here, let the team explain it:

What exactly do you mean by “theatre of sound”?

Just what it sounds like (pardon the pun). This show tells the fascinating story of National Geographic photographer Loren McIntyre, who became lost in the Amazon rainforest in 1969 when looking for the Mayoruna people – and it does this predominantly through sound.

So, I just listen? How is that theatre?

Well, it’s immersive theatre. Each audience member wears a set of ear phones, which is the main source of the action, but you can also see the solo performer, Richard Katz, on stage creating the sounds and telling the story. It’s a bit like watching the recording of a one-man radio play, only much, much better.

What’s Complicite?

Put simply, they’re one of the best theatre companies in the world. Based in London and founded in 1983, they were pioneers of devised theatre and have always specialised in bringing together artists, writers, designers, performers and directors and allowing them to create new work together and through collaboration. The result has been some of the most engaging and enthralling stage productions of the last 30-odd years. The last time they came to Sydney was 2008 (with A Disappearing Number), so this return after almost a decade is a BIG deal.

Need more convincing?

Benedict Cumberbatch says of The Encounter: “I thought it was magic… and it’s just enthralling material, very special”. Which says it all, really.

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