Whether you are part of the 60,000 year history of this place or you’ve just arrived, you know this city is special. The water, the sun, the landscape, the people. This is a city that knows how to have a good time and be thought provoking along the way. This is a city of celebration and challenge, collaboration and competition, creativity and conscience. And Sydney Festival is the time to excite, unite and ignite the people and visitors to Sydney like nothing else.

During January Australians take stock of the past year and set out our dreams and ambitions for the year ahead. We make sense of what is going on in our country and those places further afield, while we catch up with our reading, friends, family and set ourselves some new life goals. I’m going to lose some weight, I’m going to work smarter not longer, I want to get out of my comfort zone, I want to challenge myself. Well think of Sydney Festival as your Cultural New Years Resolution. A time where you start the year the way you wish to live it.

Organise a relaxing time listening to music and enjoying a drink with friends and family at the Meriton Festival Village, or seek the newest, most exciting art from around the world and the nation, or pop into Circus City at Parramatta and get involved with classes and shows that feed your appetite for risk and danger, or gather insights to the world of artistic and cultural excellence. Or do it all.

It has been an absolute joy putting this program together for you. I challenge you to make the most of your festival by experiencing as much as you can. Package together shows, free events, exhibitions, talks, workshops, food and drink in an itinerary and invite friends to come along.

It’s your festival. It’s your city. It’s your time.

Love Wesley.

Explore the full Sydney Festival 2017 program now.