The keen-eyed amongst you may have noticed that the front cover of your Sydney Festival program is different to your mate’s copy. Let us explain why.

Earlier this year we encouraged people far and wide to submit photos of themselves to become the face of Sydney Festival 2017.

We wanted to celebrate the people who made Sydney such an amazing place to be in January. As our Festival Director, Wesley Enoch, said at the time:

“The Festival has always been about the people who enjoy Sydney in summer, whether from far afield as international visitors or as close as Parramatta; from all cultural backgrounds; young or old; art lovers or thrill seekers.”

We were overwhelmed with pictures of your beautiful faces, but unfortunately we could only choose eight.

After much deliberation, we managed to whittle the entries down to the ones you see before you on your magazines.

It’d only be polite of us to introduce to you the faces of #SydFest 2017. Here goes:

Our faces are children, students, mothers, grandfathers; they are painters, web designers, dancers, makeup artists, personal trainers. They represent the wide spectrum of individuals you might come across at Sydney Festival and who make the city such a vibrant place in summer.

We hope when you look at our magazine, you will identify with the face looking back as you find the show that makes your January unforgettable.

You can order a copy of our program here.

Bring on Sydney Festival 2017!