So just what is a Festival Route Map? Allow Festival Director Lieven Bertels to explain…

Festivals come in all kinds and sizes, from one-day blues fests to the months-long multi-genre arts orgy that is the famous Paris Autumn Festival… At Sydney Festival we are acutely aware our 2015 harvest is a big one, now that we are busy organising the hundreds of travel itineraries, hotel room lists and visa applications for our visiting artists! With over 170 different projects across our 19 Festival days, we decided to make things a little easier when it comes to choosing the shows that might best fit your personal taste. Welcome to our 2015 Route Map: what started as a little add-on at the back of our brochure last year, grew into a professionally designed railroad map that will transport you through our January Festival land in no time.

Route Map

Our Festival Route Map offers 35 Festival highlights on 6 different routes. For those who don’t want to risk missing out on the true Festival hits, those experiences that you can only have within a Festival, there’s the Festival Express, our central line with ten top picks to choose from. Other lines are full of Family fun, group projects with surprising narratives (Stories), or invite you to more daring Festival Adventures. Our Physical route gets things moving, and Resound offers a series of sonic discoveries that will be unique to Sydney.

One thing people often skip when reading festival brochures are the many photo and design credits – admittedly often hidden as small print in the margin. One such credit deserving special mention is that of Cameron Booth, who designed this very route map especially for us. Cameron is no ordinary designer, as he specialises in just this: designing public transport maps. Originally from Sydney, Cameron moved to the USA, where he’s working as part of a large design studio, and his personal passion is all about lines, stops and stations. (If ever you need the perfect Amtrack US rail map, or a Boston public transport map, you know who to look for.)

So when we presented Cameron the challenge of designing the perfect Festival map he came back with this beauty. Have you noticed his level of detail? Each stop has a brochure page assigned to it and those at changeover stations have a multi-coloured border that reflects the various lines coming together. We’d like to present our individual routes, one blog entry at a time.

Discover our first line: Resound, a Festival route that is newer than Sydney’s Light Rail.