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All The Sex I’ve Ever Had

Are you over 65 and still thinking about (and having) sex? We want to talk to you!

Most people do it, but few talk about it; ageing and sexuality are not a contradiction. About 60% of women and 80% of men between the ages of 50 and 70 have regular sex, but it’s not easy to share this aspect of their lives as children, grandchildren and friends often react with avoidance or even disgust. Mammalian Diving Reflex has interviewed more than 150 people over the age of 65 about love and sexuality in Toronto, Oldenburg, Bern, Glasgow, Prague, Philadelphia and Portland, and now they’re taking on Sydney.
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Michael Hurley

Sunday Folk at St Stephen’s

Picture this: a languid Sunday afternoon in Sydney summertime. The sun dipping in the sky, the evening beginning to peak through. You’re sitting in St Stephen’s Uniting Church’s stunning architecture, while the tones of acoustic guitar and striking vocals bounce off the walls. Calm and serene, quiet music for curious ears, that’s what our St Stephen’s Sunday Folk series is all about.
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Mexrrissey – Mexico Goes Morrissey

Of all the places one could have expected Morrissey and his brand of Mancunian miserabilism to find a home, Mexico doesn’t seem like the first pick. But it turns out Mexico’s youth are infatuated with the British singer-songwriter, both in Mexico itself and in the expansive Latin diaspora in California. Maybe it’s the lyrical melodrama, the quiffed hair or the overt romanticism of Morrissey, whatever it is, there are karaoke nights and conventions dedicated to him in the Mexican community.

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Art, art and more art!

Sydney is a spectacular place in summer and its galleries and public spaces are never more vibrant than when they’re filled with the finest artistic creations from around the world.

This coming January will be no different. Look, listen and get hands-on with Sydney Festival’s art adventures this summer.
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Contribute to Secrets at Sydney Festival

Here’s an opportunity that doesn’t come along everyday: the chance to get something off your chest, and to have your secrets form part of a musical performance at Sydney Festival’s Famous Spiegeltent.

Claron McFadden, American soprano and creator of Secrets has shared a few words with us about her upcoming show at Sydney Festival and the ways you can get involved.

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5 late-night gigs to get you dancing

Summer means longer days, and even longer nights to stay out dancing. With beats from South Africa, Jamaica, New York and California, Sydney Festival’s 2016 program is bringing the best of late-night dance music from across the globe to keep you moving all through January. Full of funk, soul and rhythm to get you working up a sweat, you’ll want to warm up before you head out to these groove-heavy sets.

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1000 Bells (almost)

A huge thanks to the dozens of fantastic helpers across Sydney who have worked with artists Lauren Brincat and Bree van Reyk on creating hand-made ceramic bells for one of our major outdoor installations, 1000 Bells. In January, the bells and their creators will reunite in a performance and installation in Prince Alfred Square, Parramatta – a celebration of art, music and community.
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